Monday, August 4, 2008

Ghost Town at Sundown by Mary Pope Osborne

Ghost Town at Sundown
Magic Tree House #10
By Mary Pope Osborne

Take a trip to the Wild Wild West with Annie and Jack in this lastest installment of the Magic Tree House Series. The riddle that the kids must solve this time around to become Master Librarians:

Out of the blue,
my lonely voice
calls out to you.
Who am I? Am I?

As Jack and Annie gather clues to try to figure out the answer to this mysterious riddle, they encounter a rattlesnake, horse thieves, a lost colt and a helpful cowboy named Slim. A real life Ghost Town complete with ghosts? Or just wild imaginations?

Come along on another great adventure with Jack and Annie. My daughter and I both enjoyed this one, as we have all of the books in this series thus far. The fact that this included horses, made it an even bigger hit since my daughter is a huge horse fan! We both look forward to the next adventure.
*73 pgs
ages 9-12