Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Den Mystery by Darrel & Sally Odgers

Dog Den Mystery
Jack Russell: Dog Detective bk 1
By: Darrel & Sally Odgers

In Dog Den Mystery, we meet Jack Russell who, along with his owner Sarge, is making a move to Doggeroo. It is not long before trouble begins, in the form of a missing treasured squeaker bone and blanket. Jack Russell realizes that he is the only one that can solve the crime and regain is stolen goods.
Though simplistic, this is a fun book and appears as though it will be a fun series. With the point of view being from Jack Russell, it is easy for the reader to view the story head on. Though I cannot say that I enjoyed the story overly well, by 6 year old daughter loved it and that is the entire purpose. Overall, it was cute and a quick read, with a few simplistic pencil drawings throughout. We will be adding the second book of the series to our library fairly soon.
ages 4-8
**76 pgs**


Tiffany Nightshade

Glad your daughter enjoyed Jack's first story. The Blue Stealer, which is #10, is coming out later this year. Your daughter might enjoy our website at

Sally Odgers


I wish I had had this when Nona was younger. She's soon to be 12, but she'd love the cover. She has a JRT. :)


Hi Sally! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hannah, my daughter, really enjoyed this first book. She is a huge animal lover, so this series is perfect for her. Thanks for letting me know about #10, it will definitely be making its way to our home! I am also going to check out the website with Hannah.


J.Kaye - my Dad has a JRT and he is such an active baby, lol! He definitely rules the roost!