Monday, July 7, 2008

Spray Bottle Fun

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I posted this on my other blog: Cafe of Dreams and that is what actually gave me the idea to add the activity posts to this blog.
With the weather being so insanely crazy and the heat and humidity upon us, water seems to be the ultimate pleasure. With us (myself and 6 year old and nearly 2 year old) simple plastic spray bottles hold much fun! At .98 a bottle, how can you go wrong?! In the summer, we fill our spray bottles with water and go crazy - squirting one another to bring about squeals and belly deep laughter. The kids also love to go and squirt anything and everything around the yard - "cleaning" their toys, playhouse, swing set, etc. I'm telling you, this can keep them busy for over an hour at a time - which means blissful peace for mom (or dad), lol!
When simply squirting water becomes tiresome, simply add a bit of tempera paint, bring out sheets of paper and watch the masterpieces develop before your eyes!
In the winter time, for those that live where snow graces us, adding food coloring to the water in the squirt bottles allows for some great and awesomely fun snow painting! I'm not sure who has more fun with this - myself or the kids, lol!
If anyone else has other ideas and ways to use squirt bottles, I would love to hear them and post them for everyone to read!!
Have a happy and squirty day!